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Proper Storage of Silver

Silver, like gold, is chemically inactive which means it doesn't oxidize when exposed to air, but its surface tarnishes from exposure to certain gases in the air. Therefore, if air is kept away, the tarnish is diminished.

Other enemies of silver are pollution, perspiration, table salt, eggs, olives, salad dressings, peas, gas, sulfer, vinegar, fruit juices, perfumes and toilet water. Don't let any of these come in contact with silver for long. Sea air and leaking gas tarnish silver very quickly. Watch your fruit and flower bowls, because the acids generated by decaying flowers, leaves and fruits will etch into your silver, causing ugly little pit marks.

Empty siver salt dishes after each use, or the salt will pit them, causing permanent damage. Also, if you use silver candy, nut or serving dishes, wash and dry them thoroughly afterward to remove all possible damaging food residue.

Store polished items in drawers or containers lined with or other flannel treated with anti-tarnish protection. Do not wrap silver in felt or chamois leather. Both are sources of hydrogen sulfide, a strong tarnish inducer. Never wrap plated silver in newspaper. Printer's ink will act in time to remove the plating. Never secure any wrapping with rubber bands. Rubber, a deadly enemy of silver, can corrode it in a few weeks through several layers of paper or flannel. Best not to have rubber in the same drawer or container.

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