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Caring for your Silver Plate

 Silver-plated items should not be confused with solid silver. In silver plate, a coating of silver has been applied to another metal.

The care of silver plate is the same as for solid silver, except that it should be polished, perhaps, with less energy.

Be particularly gentle with plated items, or you may totally remove the thin coating of silver and expose the copper or other metal underneath. Always test on an inconspicuous portion.

Acid Dips Caution should be observed when using acid dips. They ruin some finishes and damage stainless steel knife blades as well as other materials if allowed to come in contact with them. This is because they contain a very strong, corrosive acid. I do not recommend using a "Dip" and other experts heartily agree. But should you use an acid dip, wash article immediately with soap and water to remove all traces of the acid or permanent damage to the silver may result.

Dull or Satin Finish Silver
Dull or satin finish silver becomes bright after many polishings. There is no satisfactory method of restoring satin finish at home, so it's back to the jeweler's if you want it dull again.

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