The BEST silver polish, Ever!

a very timely email from a happy customer in New Hampshire:

Good morning!

I just wanted to tell you, though I know you hear it often, that your
polishing cloths are amazing! I love my silver reindeer stocking holders but
polishing them every year was a chore until I discovered your fabulous
product! Thank you for developing an easy, pleasant smelling and far
superior method of polishing metal! Happy Holidays!!

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Jim C says...

Used the Cloth on a watch band I had with brushed metal outer edge sides, and polished links in the middle. The polished sections had lot of scuffing on them, and I knew of no way to buff scratches out of them since anything abrasive just scratches the polished metal further. I used the cloth, and it got the scratches to almost unnoticeable level, and of course shined the band to a like-new brilliance! Look forward to trying it on another watch I have with scratched I never thought could get out.

Thanks A LOT Cape Cod Cloth!!!

Posted on March 15, 2021

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